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Cox Flexion Distraction Treats Back Pain

Over the past 30 years Dr. James Cox has been developing and researching a non-surgical, non-medication, natural manipulative technique that is highly effective at treating spine, disc and nerve root related conditions. During his training at Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr White, one of  thousands of Cox certified chiropractors across the country, sought additional training and certification in Cox Flexion Distraction Technique.  

Dr White performs Cox Flexion Distraction

Some of the conditions that have been shown to respond  well to this technique over the years are: vertebral disc degeneration, disc herniation, disc prolapse, vertebral canal stenosis, spondylolisthesis, spondylosis, facet tropism and facet syndrome. At Action Chiropractic we too have seen much success in the treatment of these and other conditions using this method.

In 2013 the Journal of the American Medical Association published a position paper in which it is recommended that it should be standard of care for back pain to be treated conservatively with methods such as chiropractic, osteopathy and physical therapy for up to 3 months prior to acceptance of a patient as a candidate for surgery. However, not all physical medicine techniques are identical.

Those individuals with low back pain that are serious about staving off the necessity of back surgery should highly consider gaining more information about the benefits of this technique.  For more information click on this link to the learn more about Cox Distraction Technique: This site will provide you information about the protocols and the NIH funded research that has led to it's creation.  The Cox technique is the most highly researched and published technique in the chiropractic profession.

Prospective patients may schedule a free pain consultation with Dr White at Danbury Action Chiropractic.  During this consultation he will discuss the symptoms, progression of the condition and review any diagnostic testing such as x-rays and MRIs studies that have already been completed. If it is determined that the patient's condition may respond to Cox Flexion Distraction he will provide the option for scheduling a thorough orthopedic-neurological evaluation designed to uncover the precise cause of the pain and thereby through the technique protocols recommend the best treatment possible.

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